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ACES is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence on contemporary Europe, the European Union, and its member states, which are covered in its five Research Themes and Interdisciplinary Research Themes.

The ACES researchers are dispersed in five Research Themes. Through these themes the affiliates are able to connect, organise and apply for grants. ACES supports its members  with different Funding Opportunities for conducting research and attending conferences, and welcomes External PhD candidates.

ACES also directly supports interdisciplinary research projects. Right now, three of such projects are enfolding and being developed. You can find an overview of the Key Publications here.


Research Themes

  • Diverse Europe

    Diverse Europe focuses on Europe as a space of increasing diversity, which is met with increasing contestation. Today’s Europe is confronted with a rise of populist nationalism, right and left-wing identitarianism, and authoritarian revolt.

  • Europe in the World

    Europe in the World addresses Europe’s multiple interactions in a transnational setting. Topics range from the EU's formal external relations and questions about its border management and migration policies, to its postcolonial ties and the mobility of people, goods, and ideas connecting the continent to the wider world.