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About ACES

Amsterdam Centre for European Studies - ACES

The University of Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES) is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence on contemporary Europe, the European Union, and its member states.

ACES addresses major societal challenges as they play out in a European context. Research themes range from environmental sustainability to promoting economic growth and from migration and integration to privacy and surveillance. ACES also tackles topical issues concerning the dynamics and direction of contemporary Europe, such as the rise of populism, Euroscepticism and identity politics, the future of the Eurozone and the challenges illiberal democracies pose to the rule of law. 


ACES is open to UvA researchers, ranging from full professors to PhD students, who study contemporary Europe and the EU across a wide range of disciplines. A Governing Board comprising representatives of the four participating faculties is responsible for strategic planning and budget allocation. The ACES office supports the Centre’s activities, including the organisation of events, and external communication, including the website and a monthly newsletter and other forms of publicity.

ACES is a Research Priority Area funded by both the University of Amsterdam and the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. ACES is also a recipient of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence fund