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Results: 1 - 20 of 36
Results: 1 - 20 of 36
  • 6 Jan 2020
    Podcast: Sarah de Lange in discussion with Social Democrats

    After the ACES Academic conference in November organised by Sarah de Lange, a podcast with the keynote speaker, Simon Hix, was recorded. The podcast discusses the rise and fall of the Social Democracy in Europe, and ...

  • 19 Dec 2019
    Stay, Move-on, Return?

    On 6 and 7 November 2019, the conference “Stay, move-on, return: Dynamics of mobility aspirations in contexts of forced displacement” , sponsored by The Amsterdam Center for European Studies, gathered an ...

  • 11 Dec 2019
    On the privilege of researching on the fault lines between law, history and political sociology

    ACES-ACELG visiting fellow Antoine Vauchez (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne) speaks to us about the influence of the Italian mafia on his early research career, the beauty of his progression as a researcher ...

  • 11 Dec 2019
    Joost van Spanje receives Consolidator grant from ERC

    This prestigious grant, of about 2 million euro, enables researchers to become an independent research leader. Joost van Spanje, ACES and ASCoR researcher, is one of the 7 UvA grantees.

  • 10 Dec 2019
    Structural divergence in Eurozone continues

    A monetary union without a fiscal union between countries that have structural differences has redistributive effects and will be cause of continuing frictions in the eurozone, concludes Oscar Soons in ESB.

  • 5 Dec 2019
    Lecture by Cas Mudde ‘The Far Right Today’

    Today’s Far Right mainstreaming and normalization is the major threat to liberal democracies around the world, according to Cas Mudde. On Wednesday 27 November, he was invited by ACES and SPUI25 to present his recent ...

  • 26 Nov 2019
    NWO Responsible Innovation Grant for Stefania Milan

    Governing Europe Theme Group Leader Stefania Milan has received an NWO Responsible Innovation Grant for her project "Co-designing for public values in standards-making and governance".

  • 26 Nov 2019
    Call for Papers: The Future of EU Security

    ​The INTERSECT Research Network has opened a call for papers for the third and final INTERSECT workshop 6-7 February, 2020 at the University of Amsterdam.

  • 15 Nov 2019
    Frank Vandenbroucke leads new large-scale European study of the EU's social dimension

    Does the European Union devote sufficient attention to social developments? Many people feel that it does not; they consider Europe to be anything but socially minded. The new President of the European Commission, ...

  • 7 Nov 2019
    Looking back at the ACES Climate Symposium

    On 31 October ACES organised the symposium “Discussing Climate Change with Future Generations”. Climate change is heating up Earth’s atmosphere as well as disputes about how to best respond to this global challenge. ...

  • 6 Nov 2019
    Start of new ACES Practitioners Engagement Series

    In November and December dr Dimitris Bouris will organise the 4th Practitioners Engagement Series in cooperation with the EUMENIA network. This year’s series will engage with a number of topical issues and will also ...

  • 6 Nov 2019
    Charles Michel at Room for Discussion

    The next President of the European Union and UvA alumnus Charles Michel will be interviewed on 20 November at Room for Discussion.

  • 17 Oct 2019
    Anniek de Ruijter & Maria Weimer, Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance
    Interview with Anniek de Ruijter and Maria Weimer on EU health law & risk regulation

    Ahead of their joint book launch event on Monday, 28 October 2019 at Amsterdam Law School, Anniek de Ruijter and Maria Weimer speak about the limitations in the EU's ability to regulate public health and ...

  • 3 Oct 2019
    Emily Gilbert ACES & FOLLOW visiting Scholar

    In November 2019 Emily Gilbert, Professor at the University of Toronto cross-appointed between the Canadian Studies Program and Department of Geography & Planning, will be a visiting scholar to the Amsterdam Centre ...

  • 24 Sep 2019
    European Fiscal Board presents its advice to reform the EU fiscal rules to the European Commission.

    Roel Beetsma, ACES Governing Board Member, is a co-author of the report and member of the European Fiscal Board. The Report was presented by EFB Chair Niels Thygesen at the College of Commissioners meeting of ...

  • 2 Sep 2019
    Amanda Friessen will be ACES & ARC-GS visiting scholar

    Amanda Friessen will be visiting scholar during the academic year of 2019 - 2020. She is invited as collaboration between ARC-GS and the ACES theme groups Diverse Europe, European politics and Society.

  • 29 Aug 2019
    Antoine Vauchez is ACES Visiting Scholar

    Antoine Vauchez, CNRS Research Professor and Director of the European Centre for Sociology and Political Science at the University of Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne, will be a Visiting Scholar attached to the ACES Theme ...

  • 8 Jul 2019
    Research Project InDivEU launches biannual Newsletter

    Research Project InDivEU lead by EUI, launches mid-July its first edition of their biannual newsletter. If you want to stay up to date, you can subscribe to their Newsletter now.

  • 4 Jun 2019
    Vidi-grant for ACES affiliates Saskia Bonjour and Chiara de Cesari

    With the grant of 800.000 euro per project, can they start their own research line the coming 5 years and begin their own research group.

  • 4 Jun 2019
    Jonathan Zeitlin and Francesco Nicoli guest editors of special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy

    A special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy on integration and politicization in the EU, guest-edited by Jonathan Zeitlin and Francesco Nicoli has been published.