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Discover the findings of research project "Information Law and the Digital Transformation of the University" that focuses on preserving the essential academic freedoms and independence of European universities in the digital era. With a diverse team of dedicated researchers, this project addresses the challenges posed by increasing reliance on digital technologies, complex legislative frameworks, and the growing need for external data in academia.

Information Law and the Digital Transformation of the University

Universities and academics play a vital role in science and society. In order to safeguard universities as independent, and public interest driven knowledge institutions, it is essential to safeguard and promote academic freedoms in the digital age. Our research project addresses key challenges the European university sector faces today. These challenges include the increasing dependence of universities and researchers on suppliers of digital technologies and services, a complex but fragmented legislative framework on research, and researchers’ need for external data to study the digital world around us. Our research team was composed of Jef Ausloos, Stefanie Boss, Doris Buijs, Mireille van Eechoud, Joris van Hoboken, Arlette Meiring, Svetlana Yakovleva and ACES member Kristina Irion.

We are inviting you to browse the website presenting the outcomes of the research project "Information Law and the Digital Transformation of the University".