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Zamira’s book, Law and Practices of Delegated Rulemaking by the European Commission, examines the law and practice of the delegation of rulemaking powers to the European Commission before and after the Lisbon Treaty came into force. It combines legal doctrine with empirical research methods to bridge the gap between “law on the books” and “law in action” to fully appreciate the meaning and the impact of the changes post-Lisbon in food safety and health matters. The results of the empirical case study provide food for thought on how the current legal framework regime for delegated rulemaking by the European Commission could be improved. The findings seek to contribute to the academic and policy debates on this research topic that is likely to continue in forthcoming years.

To read more about the book, available in hardcover and PDF E-book:

Dr. Z. (Zamira) Xhaferri PhD

Faculty of Humanities

Europese studies