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The chosen overarching topic for this year’s Symposium is, “The Federalization of Europe: 27 Countries Coming Together as One”. The aim of the Symposium is to allow its audience to listen, learn and discuss all of the topics that will be addressed throughout the event. These topics include an EU Green Deal, EU identity, EU integration, experimentalist governance and more!

The event will address the main topic of ‘The Federalization of Europe’, as well as three sub-topics namely, European institutions and politics (e.g. taxation, voting rights, economic policies), a discussion on sovereignty/political autonomy, identity and culture (e.g. European anthem) and specific topics like the European army and constitution.

For this event, Machiavelli invited multiple expert speakers in order to provide their audience with unique insight and useful perspectives on the varying topics. These speakers include prof dr. Jonathan Zeitlin (UvA and ACES), dr. Theresa Kuhn (UvA and ACES), T.R. Reid (American Author) Tony Agotha (Member of the Cabinet of the European Commission), Itay Garmy (VOLT Campaign Leader), and Felix Klos (D66). The event will be moderated by dr. Armèn Hakhverdian (UvA).

If you register you will be given the opportunity to take part in the debate by turning on your camera and unmuting yourself! However, if you feel like simply watching the debate, you can join the livestream which will be posted on Machiavelli’s Facebook page soon!