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Technology reshapes our societies. AI, platform economy and other technological developments are remaking our daily routines, practices, and ways of being in the world. These changes also come with shifts in power dynamics between corporations, states, and citizens, giving rise to novel political questions. This multidisciplinary event delves into the concentration of power held by Big Tech companies, the societal challenges arising from this concentration, and potential strategies to uphold public imperatives.
Event details of Rising AI and the Concentration of Corporate Power
22 April 2024

In the contemporary era, we are witnessing an unprecedented acceleration in technological advancements. This is particularly evident in the domains of platformization and artificial intelligence, which have fundamentally reshaped the fabric of our societies. These transformations are not merely confined to the technological sphere, but extend to the socio-political landscape as well, influencing power dynamics between corporations, states, and citizens.

Concentration of power

The rise of Big Tech companies has led to a significant concentration of power, with a handful of corporations now wielding substantial influence over various aspects of our lives. This concentration of power has given rise to a multitude of societal challenges. These range from concerns over privacy and data security, to issues of market monopoly and the potential for manipulation of public discourse.

Rise of Big Tech

This multidisciplinary event aims to delve deeper into these critical issues. We will explore the nature and extent of the power held by Big Tech companies, and the societal implications of this concentration of power. Furthermore, we will discuss potential strategies to uphold public imperatives in the face of these challenges. We hope to foster a nuanced understanding of the complex interplay between technology, power, and society, and to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on how best to navigate the challenges posed by the rise of Big Tech. We look forward to your participation in this important discussion.


Spui 25-27
1012 WX Amsterdam