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Racism and Law in Europe

An ACES Conversation Series

The Black Lives Matter protests across European cities opened up a wider public discussion on racism and racial discrimination in Europe. One issue prominently raised, was that of the role of law in Europe in justifying, enabling, or even constituting racialized violence. Yet, despite the ubiquity of the concept of racial discrimination in European laws, as a conceptual category of critical inquiry, race is conspicuously absent in much of the European legal discourse. This is surprising, given the long legacies and continued persistence of racist ideologies in e.g., labour, immigration, family, and citizenship law.

The monthly ACES conversation series Racism and Law in Europe aims to offer a space for academic and practise-oriented reflections on how law is implicated in racializing subjects in today’s Europe. The series will also discuss law’s potential in responding to racial discrimination, or even reversing structural racism. 

The conversation series will be held online and invites the audience to think along, and engage with our speakers’ methodological and theoretical approaches. The series will use the zoom seminar format to invite audience participation. Contingent on each speaker’s permission, the initial intervention and the conversation will be recorded and publicized. 

Dates and Speakers 

22 September 2021 | 16:00–17:00 CET

Ratna Kapur Queen Mary University

28 October 2021 | 16:00–17:00 CET

Mathias Moschel Central European University

23 November 2021 | 16:00–17:00 CET

Shreya Atrey Oxford University

15 December 2021 | 16:00–17:00 CET

Thomas Spijkerboer VU Amsterdam

25 January 2022 | 16:00–17:00 CET

Chris Gevers University of KwaZulu Nata

Further information to be announced.