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European Politics in Transition

Online Lecture Series

In the European Politics Series we discuss developments in European politics with scholars, practitioners, journalists, and commentators from the Netherlands and abroad.

Organised by Sarah de Lange, in collaboration with SPUI25

In this series, we zoom in on the significance of key events, such as election outcomes, governments assuming office, and leadership changes, as well as that of long term processes, such as democratic backsliding and increasing polarisation across European countries as well as at the EU level. The series is a cooperation between ACES and Spui25. 

  • European Politics in Transition 1 | The US presidential elections: implications for Europe
    The US presidential elections: implications for Europe
    The impact of the outcome of the US presidential elections extends far beyond North America. With scholars and journalists we discuss what the election results might mean for politics in European countries. Will the results strengthen ongoing developments, such as increasing polarization, mobilization around racial equality, or the spread of conspiracy theories? And will the impact be experienced more directly in some European countries than others?
  • European Politics in Transition 2 | Corona and the populist radical right: end of an era?

    The ongoing corona pandemic is reshaping our societies and our democracies. One of the most significant political developments in recent years has been the rise of populism. What effect will the pandemic have on populist radical right parties in Europe? Will it boost their electoral success, or will it on the contrary cause their demise? Populism experts from across Europe discuss the impact of the pandemic on the populist radical right.