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The ACES UvA Research Priority Area has selected four affiliates for a grant for Research Support in 2021. ACES affiliates could either apply for a Seed Grant to prepare an application for a research grant (NWO or ERC), or for a Thematic Research Grant.

UvA Seed Grants were awarded to:

Christa-Maria Lerm-Hayes (Humanities Faculty, Department of Art History) to prepare an EU grant proposal (ERC Synergy, Horizon Europe) for the Memory in Action (MemAct) project. MemAct examines the dynamic and shifting interrelations of narratives, sites and objects to memory and the heritage of enslavement. Working across four main components—academic institutions, museums, the creative sector and the public - it assesses existing scholarship and the efficacy of the term “slavery heritage”; and seeks to construct “memory commons” beyond the structural divide of North/South.

Niels ten Oever (Humanities Faculty, Department of Media Studies) to prepare an ERC Proof of Concept grant application to establish the 'People’s 5G Lab' that will enable the discussion with policymakers, citizens, and industry stakeholders about the shaping of public interest communication infrastructures in information societies.

Thematic Research Grants were awarded to:

Anna van Duin (Law Faculty, Department of Private Law) for a survey to be conducted as part of the project Injured on the Internet: Europe's role in the removal and regulation of harmful content, which aims to contribute to the current European debate on the role and responsibilities of digital platforms as well as the observance and protection of fundamental rights by public and private actors.

Maria Weimer (Law Faculty, European Public Law) for qualitative data collection and analysis in the context of her project Making the EU a global leader in fighting deforestation. This will advance interdisciplinary research and public debate on 1) institutional pathways through which the EU extends its sustainability standards and governance principles to third countries and 2) the legitimacy of EU’s unilateral environmentalism and sustainability leadership.