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ACES will continue to organise online lecture series. In the fall ACES will launch four new series on a variety of themes.

After the series Decolonising Europe and Virtual Visions of Europe ACES will launch four more online series, starting this autumn. Details will be available soon through our website and newsletter.

Gender and Sexuality in European (Geo)Politics

Organised by the Europe in the World and Diverse Europe Theme Groups

The challenges facing the European Union today are multiple, with the Covid-19 pandemic both heightening existing forms of inequality and exclusion, as well as serving to radicalize political debates. This virtual seminar series will discuss how these contemporary challenges can be more fully understood by engaging with feminist and intersectional scholarship, drawing attention to the key role of gender and sexuality in shaping political debates and new and old forms of discrimination.

This series brings together practitioners and scholars from different disciplines engaging both in conceptual and theoretical debates around feminist and intersectional theory, as well as discussing concrete policy debates linked to the role of gender, sexuality and intersectionality. The events will focus on topics including: projections of (racialized) femininities and masculinities in European identity, discourses and practices; gender and populism in Europe; gender and race in migration policy; gender equality in the EU, and the theory and practice of feminist foreign policy in the European context.

First event:

27 October, 12:00 - 13:00 Risk analysis as political. How gender and race matter in the constitution of crisis in EU border management 

Speaker: Saskia Stachowitsch (University of Vienna)

In this talk, Saskia Stachowitsch explores how risk analysis in European border security functions as a sense-making security practice that is deeply political. With a focus on the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), she investigates how gender and race matter in constituting the "riskiness" of migrants as well as the notion of "migration crisis".

Chair: Hanna L Muehlenhoff

European Politics in Transition

organised by Sarah de Lange, in collaboration  with SPUI25

In the European Politics Series we discuss developments in European politics with scholars, practitioners, journalists, and commentators from the Netherlands and abroad. We zoom in on the significance of key events, such as election outcomes, governments assuming office, and leadership changes, as well as that of long term processes, such as democratic backsliding and increasing polarisation across European countries as well as at the EU level. The series is a cooperation between ACES and Spui25. 

First events

5 November, 17:30 - 19:00: The US presidential elections: implications for Europe 

The impact of the outcome of the US presidential elections extends far beyond North America. With scholars and journalists we discuss what the election results might mean for politics in European countries. Will the results strengthen ongoing developments, such as increasing polarization, mobilization around racial equality, or the spread of conspiracy theories? And will the impact be experienced more directly in some European countries than others?

30 November, 20:00 - 21:30 Corona and the populist radical right: end of an era

The ongoing corona pandemic is reshaping our societies and our democracies. One of the most significant political developments in recent years has been the rise of populism. What effect will the pandemic have on populist radical right parties in Europe? Will it boost their electoral success, or will it on the contrary cause their demise? Populism experts from across Europe discuss the impact of the pandemic on the populist radical right.

Practitioner Engagement series

organised by Dimitris Bouris

In the Fall of 2020 a new Practitioner Engagement Event Series will be organised. A Practitioner Engagement Event is a seminar on a topic with a distinct European dimension, involving renowned academics and experienced practitioners from the EU policy field as well as from civil society. The series, which is the fourth organised by Dimitris Bouris, focuses on Europe's role in its 'neighbourhood': Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa.  

Race & Racism

organised by the ACES Migration Network and IMES

This IMES/ACES thematic lecture series presents a line of critical interventions in the field of European migration studies. Within this series, IMES/ACES invites five scholars to discuss how the intersections between ethnicity-, race,- post/colonial - and migration scholarship inform both their own work and the larger field of migration studies. The series provides a platform for students, scholars and practitioners to critically engage with race and migration scholarship. It simultaneously aims to interrogate the historical divides and bridges between these fields of research, and to create new avenues for tackling race and ethnicity in the study of transnational mobility.

You can follow the sessions on Zoom or watch the recordings on our YouTube channel. 

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