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ACES affiliates Thijs Bol, Imke Harbers and Kristina Krause have received an ERC Starting Grant. A Starting Grant is a personal grant of about €1.5 million and provides research support to talented researchers for a period of five years.

All come from the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG).

Thijs Bol (Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research): From School to Career: Towards A Career Perspective on the Labour Market Returns to Education. In this project he will answer the question how resilient careers of workers with a general or a specific training are against rapid changes in the labour market.

Imke Harbers (Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research): Legal Identity for All?  Harbers will investigate how and why states invest in civil registration, and how and why citizens decide to obtain documents.

Kristine Krause (Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research): Relocating Care within Europe: Moving the Elderly to Places Where Care is More Affordable. Krause's project focuses on 'care relocation' in Europe: what does it do to people and places involved? 

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