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How and why do migration scholars draw on intersectional theories and methodology in their work? How does the meaning of intersectionality travel across different research sites and institutions in Europe, North America, and Asia? What (new) kinds of knowledge does it generate, and how do we balance studying different axes of inequality - such as gender, race, class, ethnicity, ability and sexuality - with (and beyond) intersectional approaches?

Event details of Workshop: Engaging with Intersectional Approaches to the Politics of Migration
Start date 6 July 2021
End date 7 July 2021
Time 09:00

On July 6-7th 2021, ACES hosts a two-day online workshop that brings together 22 migration scholars from North America, Europe and Asia to critically engage with these questions. The workshop aims to stimulate dialogue on the concept of intersectionality among migration scholars, especially those who use feminist- and queer approaches to explore processes of in/exclusion and systems of oppression in the politics of migration. Feminist, queer and postcolonial migration scholarship starts from the perspective that intersections of gender, citizenship, race and sexuality inherently shape migration trajectories- and state policies on migration (Cantu, 2009; Luibhéid & Cantu, 2005; Mai & King, 2009). Scholars in these traditions work to challenge categories such as citizenship, integration, dependency and belonging by working with, and beyond, intersectional approaches. 

The two-day workshop consists of six panels that cover: reflexive research, labour migration, family migration, queer migration, gendered displacement and humanitarianism and illegalized migration and return. In each panel, participants will present their individual papers- and discuss their use and understanding of intersectionality in relation to their own work. The audience is invited to reflect on these topics alongside the panelists and participate in the discussions. You can find the full workshop program below. 


Workshop organisers: Laura Cleton, Sonja Evaldsson Mellström, Eline Westra and Saskia Bonjour