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This conference brings together a group of specialists in the humanities and the social sciences on the “history-in-the-present” of current Far Right movements and parties, from populist to (neo)fascist, in several European and Latin American countries.

Detail Summary
Start date 12 December 2019
End date 13 December 2019
Location Roeterseilandcampus - building M
Room Day 1 at RECM1.01 - Day 2 at the Doelenzaal

The growth of Far Right Movements, the rise of populism, and the crisis of liberal democracy in contemporary societies all over the world—against the backdrop of the tragic European history of political violence and totalitarianism in the twentieth century—contribute to making the study of collective memories of fascism and public violence urgent as never before. Fascism is in fact repeatedly evoked in the effort of interpreting the current political development in several countries in Europe and far beyond the European borders. In addition, new rights movements refer openly to (neo-)fascist ideology and politics whereas ‘strong’, dictatorial leaders are gaining a broad consensus in countries such as Italy, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Brazil. At the same time this resurgence of an antidemocratic stance/politics is contested by new forms of protests and resistance. This political and social process takes place within the context of the nation state and is shaped by organisations and agents which operate across national and continental borders.

Mapping and comparing these contemporary narratives, experiences and practices in Europe and in the Wider World will help to reconstruct the genealogy of (anti-)far right movements in a transnational setting, shedding light on the role played by cultural memories of political violence and resistance in mobilizing people nowadays. 

In a world in which reality is constantly mediated by textual or visual representations, an increasing number of individual and social agents are involved in the process of (re)constructing memories, each with their own agenda or goal. These agents compete in shaping collective memories and challenge hegemonic historical narratives, creating “counter-memories.” The conference will focus on the construction of textual or visual narratives as well as of political and cultural practices in which the historical experience of fascism, public violence, and resistance is reshaped or contested in order to promote a cultural and political engagement in the present.

Starting from this broad perspective, the conference seeks to address the following issues: In what way do Far Right Movements reshape the imagery of fascism in Europe, Latin America and beyond? In what way are the memories of fascism, violence and resistance mediated and kept alive in the globalised world? How does a community, a group, a political, social or cultural agent reconstruct them within its contemporary frame of reference? How does the European and American tradition of liberal democracy reinforce or contest the imagery of both contemporary Far Right and anti-right movements as well?

Convenors of the Conference

Dr. Maria Bonaria Urban & Dr. Arij Ouweneel

The Conference is open for interested reseachers.

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Roeterseilandcampus - building M

Room Day 1 at RECM1.01 - Day 2 at the Doelenzaal

Plantage Muidergracht 12
1018 TV Amsterdam