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This year’s Annual Conference, which is organised in the context of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Mobilizing Cities: Urban Geopolitics in Europe and the Mediterranean will be held on 18/19/20 December, in cooperation with the Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (ACMES).

Event details of Mobilizing Cities: Urban Geopolitics in Europe and the Mediterranean
Start date 19 December 2019
End date 20 December 2019
Time 09:00

In numerous European cities, a variety of protest movements have been taking to the streets, using the urban arena to contest economic, social and political precarity. How can we understand such new forms of urban mobilization in a comparative perspective? And what do they mean for city administrations, for civil society groups, for urban citizens themselves, all of whom are becoming new political subjects?

The conference will be opened with a public event on Wednesday 18 December at Spui25 'Mobilities in the European Fearless City'. The ACES annual conference brings together academics and practitioners around the theme of European cities and migration. Savannah Koolen of Here to Support and Barbara Oomen of the Cities of Refuge project will share their perspectives, practices and contributions on the growing role of cities in the reception of migrants and refugees, and how this transforms urban politics.

This two-day conference will examine the changing nature of urban politics in and at the southern borders of Europe. Its focus will lie on new forms of urban mobilization and on new urban mobilities, asking how these are transforming the nature of European politics today. Adopting a comparative approach, the conference will bring together scholars from diverse disciplines, ranging from area studies, anthropology and geography to political science, legal studies and urban planning.