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Amsterdam Centre for European Studies - ACES

Brought to you by the Amsterdam Centre for European Studies, ACES Cast features conversations with the Centre’s affiliates. In each episode, the podcast host, Gulnaz Sibgatullina, talks to early-career scholars and recognised experts about their research, academic journey and favourite books. Join us and get to know scholars who address the dynamics and direction of contemporary Europe.

0. Trailer

In this episode, the academic co-director of ACES, Luiza Bialasiewicz, introduces the podcast.

1. Conversation with Christian Noack

Russian Language & The European Spa

In this episode, we chat with Christian Noack about his research on Russia’s language promotion programmes and discuss  how the  European Spa functioned as a stage for the negotiation of political, social and cultural issues of European relevance.


2. Conversation with Hanna Muehlenhoff

Feminist IR, EU Security & Civil Society Funding

This episode features Hanna Muehlenhoff, who explains the concept of feminist security policy and shares her experiences of working with Turkish NGOs.

3. Conversation with Sophie Dura

European Pillar of Social Rights

In this episode, Sophie Dura explains what it means to write a PhD thesis on the European Pillar of Social Rights amid the global pandemic

4. Conversation with Kati Cseres

EU competition & consumer law and its authorities in the EU member-states

In this episode, Kati Cseres discusses her research on EU Competition and Consumer law and how the concept of 'Consumer' is connected with the Rule of Law and Democracy especially connected to the current developments in Hungary. 

5. Conversation with Floris Vermeulen

Migrant Communities, integration and Participation

In this episode, Floris Vermeulen discusses his research on migrant integration, diversification in the recent Dutch elections, and how scholars can influence public debate.

6. A conversation with Polly Pallister-Wilkins 

Humanitarianism, Everyday Borders, and Humanitarian Borderwork 

In this episode, we talk with Polly Pallister-Wilkins of the history of humanitarianism, the myth of an all-welcoming Europe, everyday borders, and her research on humanitarian borderwork.

7. A conversation with Beste İşleyen

EU-Turkey Relations, Turkish Borders, and Fieldwork

This episode features Beste İşleyen, who recalls how events such as the migration crisis and the 2016 Turkish coup shaped her path as a researcher, discusses the realities of doing fieldwork on Turkish borders, and shares her thoughts on EU-Turkey relations and Turkish accession.  

8. A conversation with Guido Snel

Slavic Studies, Srebrenica Genocide, Translating

In this episode, we talk to Guido Snel about his experiences on Slavic studies during the Cold War, researching the Srebrenica genocide through photographs, and how we need to translate literature to understand our neighbors. 

9. A conversation with Sudha Rajagopalan

Rethinking the Cold War, Indian Cinema, and Soviet Objects in Cuba and India 

In this episode, we talk with Sudha Rajagopalan about rethinking the dichotomies of the Cold War, Indian cinema in the Soviet Union, and how Soviet objects travelled to India and Cuba. 

10. A converation with Anna van Duin

Praciticing Law, Access to Court, and Harmfull Online Content

This episode features Anna van Duin, who discusses how practicing as an attorney relates to her academic career, what the EU fundamental right to access to court means, and why harmful online content is so hard to remove.

11. A converation with Natalie Welfens

Refugee selection, categorisation and Othering

In this episode, we talk to Natalie Welfens about her PhD research, categorization and cherry-picking in refugee selection programmes, and Othering in refugee integration courses.

12. A converation with Dimitris Bouris

Palestine, academia and activism, contested statehood

In this episode, Dimitris Bouris discusses his research on Palestinian state-building and contested states, shares his views on activism in academia, and tells why he tries to inspire rather than teach his students.