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About ACES


The Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES), a Research Priority Area of the University of Amsterdam, aims to become a world-leading interdisciplinary centre of excellence in research, education and public debate on contemporary Europe, the European Union, and its member states.

ACES is a partnership between the UvA faculties of Economics and Business, Humanities, Law, and Social and Behavioural Sciences. The range of participating disciplines is unique in Europe. Drawing on the expertise of disciplines as diverse as Political Science, Communication Science, Anthropology, Law, Philosophy and International Business, ACES addresses the most urgent challenges and questions facing contemporary Europe.

As a university-wide centre of excellence, ACES pursues three primary objectives:

  • Promoting interdisciplinary synergy and collaboration between academic researchers across the university‚Äôs faculties
  • Raising the academic profile, reputation, and impact of scholarly research on contemporary Europe at the UvA
  • Increasing the wider visibility and policy impact of European research at the UvA while enhancing the quality of the public debate on contemporary Europe, by engaging a variety of audiences within and beyond the Netherlands

ACES intends to achieve these objectives by allocating a significant part of its budget to to supporting two-year interdisciplinary and cross-faculty research projects by ACES affiliates. Also, ACES organises an ambitious programme of academic conferences, workshops, and seminars,  leading to collaborative publications in top international journals and university press books.