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About ACES

Funding Opportunities

ACES provides a number of funding opportunities for its affiliates to support their research as well as organizing academic and public events.

Academic conferences

Academic conferences  are one to two-day events where a topic with a distinct European dimension is addressed. They pursue an interdisciplinary approach and involve at least two of the participating UvA faculties (FEB, FGw, FMG, FdR). The budget range is between € 5.000 – 10.000. Cooperation with external partners is encouraged, as is co-sponsorship and co-funding. A conference should aim at producing tangible outcomes, such as a proposal for a special issue of a journal or an edited book. Deadline for applications is 1 April 2019.


PhD and postdoc research support

ACES supports direct research related costs (e.g. visiting a conference, transcriptions of interviews, etc.) for PhD candidates and postdocs affiliated to ACES. The maximum amount available is € 1.500 per person. Deadline for applications is 15 March 2019.


Preparing collaborative grant proposals

ACES can provide financial support for the preparation of collaborative grant proposals (for programmes such as Horizon2020 and NORFACE), e.g. for organising or participating in planning meetings. Applications are accepted all year round.

As an FMG Research Priority Area, ACES provides specific support for its FMG affiliates.