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FMG Research Priority Area

Amsterdam Centre for European Studies - ACES

ACES has been designated a faculty Research Priority Area by the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Research Theme Groups and Migration Network

Within the FMG, ACES organized its activities in three Research Themes and the Migration Network. 

  • European Politics and Society (EPS)

    While many things are known about changes in the party systems as a result of the politicization of Europe and immigration, the subsequent rise of populist parties, and about the socio-structural support base of those parties and their voters’ media preferences, a number of key questions have not yet been answered. European Politics and Society investigates which dimensions are relevant to attitudes to the EU today?

  • European Political Economy and Governance (EPEG)

    European Political Economy and Governance studies the development of European economic and political integration and the fundamental challenges it poses to the governance of the European Union and its member states. These challenges are visible at multiple levels from local neighbourhoods and national capitals to the Brussels institutional complex and Europe’s engagement with the wider world.

  • Europe in the World

    This Europe in the World Resea­rch Theme focuses on understanding Europe and its relations with the rest of the world, and analyzing the EU in its global context. This calls for a nuanced account of the multilayered character of Europe in the world, Europe for the world, Europe and the world.

  • ACES Migration Network

    The ACES Migration Network aims to promote interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration among UvA scholars in political science, sociology, anthropology, and geography, planning & international development.

ACES FMG Governing Board

The Governing Board of ACES is responsible for major policy decisions concerning the Centre. The Governing Board discusses and approves the Centre’s overall budget and activity plan, canpropose changes in the allocation of the five-year budget, and take decisions on individual calls.

The ACES Governing Board consist of the two members of the Management Team:J onathan Zeitlin and Theresa Kuhn, and a representative from each Theme Group.

FMG Funding Opportunities

ACES provides several funding opportunities for its affiliates to support research or to organise events. 

  • Find out more about the various forms of funding ACES provides

    Academic conferences

    Academic conferences are one-day events where a topic with a distinct European dimension is addressed. They typically bring together a combination of ACES affiliates and external speakers. Proposals that cut across ACES Research Themes are welcome. Cooperation with other UvA faculties and external partners is encouraged, as is co-sponsorship and co-funding. A conference should aim at producing tangible outcomes, such as a proposal for a special issue of a journal or an edited book. Depending on the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the next call for academic conferences will be published in March 2021

    Research Support 

    Through its support for research on contemporary Europe, ACES aims to provide an opportunity to build and strengthen the research profile of its affiliated academic staff at the FMG. Research support can be requested to achieve one of the following objectives:

    • To prepare an application for an ERC, NWO and other major individual grant: a Seed Grant
    • To advance research related to one of ACES’s three Research Themes or the Migration Network: a Thematic Research Grant

    Deadline for applications for research support for 2020 15 February 2021.

    PhD and postdoc research support

    ACES supports direct research related costs (e.g. visiting a conference, transcriptions of interviews, etc.) for PhD candidates and postdocs affiliated to ACES. The maximum amount available is € 1.500 per person. Deadline for applications was 1 December 2020. An additional call  (which is combined with the UvA RPA) will be published in March 2021

    For more information about all calls please contact Gijs van der Starre